The Field of Honor Park is to honor veterans and their families. The park is also an educational resource for generations to come, as well as a place of tranquil healing and reflection.


Using a pentagon theme,the Field of Honor is built around a 32 foot flag pole which is illuminated from dusk to dawn. The Field of Honor is further enhanced through the use of a series of descriptive monoliths (monuments) which honor veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. Flowers, shrubs, and a vast lawn area surround the Field of Honor in greenery and represent the peace and freedom our veterans have fought to preserve. The two 25 foot flag poles (Prisoner of War/Missing in Action and the State of Wisconsin) at the entrance to the memorial also complement the setting. The memorial was designed by architect Curtis L. Biggars.


The Field of Honor Memorial is located on the site of the former swimming pool park. This location has again become a center of activity and a source of pride in our community. The park complements the Foundation Trail, the Black River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors' Center building, and Karner Blue Flower Gardens.

An Ongoing Project

As additional funds are received, the Field of Honor committe is enabled to complete more projects within the park. All gifts to the Field of Honor are welcome and appreciated. Donors are recognized through the use of printed paving tiles. The tiles can be dedicated to anyone. For more information on donations to the park, please visit the donation page.