Vietnam War

August 5, 1964 to May 7, 1975

The Vietnam War was the longest conflict in American History and different from previous wars in many ways. It was the first war in which soliders did not stay for the duration but rotated in limited tours, leaving comrades behind. It was the first war in which the enemy itself could not be clearly recognized and great danger existed whether he was seen or unseen. It was the first war in which there were no front lines and no strategies for the permanent gain of territory. It was the first war in which the horrors of it were brought into our living rooms every night on television news. And it was the first war in which the original objective, despite huge cost, was not achieved in the end.

What did remain true to American History was the commitment, courage, and patriotism of the soldiers that were called upon to serve in it. A total of 409 Jackson County citizens served in the Vietnam War, many on combat duty and many in support positions throughout the military. Four were killed in action and many more were injured, some permanently. From the earliest days of unquestioning commitment to the last days of dark doubt, through turbulent social times and widening differences of opinion and belief, Jackson County citizens still continue to enlist and to answer the call to service when their time came. Whether their families were in unwavering support or deepest opposition concerning the war itself, the hearts of all were filled with pride and deep respect for the brave sacrifice these young people were making. It wa made after all for the love of America.